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26 February 2019


omar mullick

underriver wildlife section test

Juliet Simpson

If you have any interesting sightings of plant, animal,bird, amphibians - any wildlife, please post here. We are having a bat-box making session in the barn at Romshed farm March 30th. Read about it in the Underriver Newsletter. All ages welcome.

Alan Dagnall

If you a pond in your garden, it's worth going out after dark with a torch to see if you have any Great Crested Newts. They are much bigger than our more common two species of newt, a conspicuous cream stripe on the tail and the males have a pronounced crest that runs down the length of their back and tail. You will find that numbers will build up over the weeks until April/May. A word of warning - it is illegal to handle them so look but don't touch!


Alan Dagnall

We have toad spawn in one of our ponds for the first time. It differs from frog spawn in that the eggs are in long strings rather than clumps. Please be aware of any amphibian spawn if removing excess vegetation from your pond at this time of year. In fact, it's probably better to wait until the end of June now.


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